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iLanga Mediation is a practice for psychological and social service for individuals and companies. This practice is managed by Carla van Beekveld and is situated in Dongen. Carla works with her knowledge and vision from a holistic point of view: man as a unity, body, spirit and soul. Everything works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Realization of what happens in your life can be a starting point for change or acceptance: acceptance that illness, handicap, loss or pain is a part of your life, something that you can’t change.
By insights you can discover new possibilities in dealing with problems. You can experience that there are other ways. You can search for courage and strength to engage the battle with your doubts, fear, anger or sorrow. A human being endures a lot in his life; things are not always nice and easy.


“I don’t know what is the matter with me, but I don’t feel happy”
“I am troubled by……., and it rules my life, and I don’t see any solution”
“I’ve lost my job, don’t know what to do, why is this happening to me ?”
“I’ve difficulty making contact with other people and I feel lonely”
“I am jealous and I don’t want to be that, but I can not change it”


We learn and develop by making mistakes. But sometimes it is so very difficult and you can not find your way out. Any help from your family or friends is not sufficient or you don’t want to bother them with your problems. In my practice I try to extend a helping hand with all the facilities that I have for such situations.
Conversations to help you make a clean breast, to provide insight into underlying, not yet realized emotions, feelings and thoughts.
To get clear what it is all about and what is important to you. Communication is talking and listening. Talking to the other person and listening to yourself, being reflected by a Tarot Mediator / Elementary Therapist ®, who translates the images of the tarot cards.
As an Energy Healer I can help you with e.g. a reiki-treatment or a shamanic healing.
In a treatment the universal illuminating energy from The Source is released and activates your self-healing power.
This divine stream of energy helps us to heal or to let go of emotional pain or sadness.
It is energy that helps us to get balanced again. To get closer to yourself and to go on on your own strength. During a shamanic healing the drum or rattle is used. For healing, energy and assistance, guidance is called in from spirits and guardians of heaven and nature (God, angels, ancestors, animals, energy of earth, wind, fire and water etc).
A third discipline in my practice is the creative self-expressive approach. Making contact with yourself by means of drawing or painting, exploring your own symbols and inner world.
We make drawings in order to heal our selves and we use the therapeutic effect of colours and materials.
Tarot : Consultations, coaching, courses and workshops
Energy healings : Reiki treatment, chakra healing, shamanic healing etc
Creativity approach : Consultations, workshops (intuitive drawing/painting/shaping) individual or in groups.
Individual consultations can be obtained in Dutch, English or German. Workshops and courses are held in Dutch. Don’t hesitate to ask for further information about the possibilities.